Scrap Cars

If you have an old, undrivable car rusting away on your property, reach out to the professionals at Eiklenborg Salvage Inc. We specialize in prompt, dependable scrap car removal, and we offer highly reasonable compensation rates!

We will provide free pick-up on the spot and tow your vehicle away to our scrap yard where we perform car recycling. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get rid of your unused vehicle!

To learn more, or to receive a free quote, reach out to one of our representatives today.


Compensation for Scrap Cars

Over time, years of mileage and heavy use can leave your car essentially undrivable. With no sound resale value option, your car may take up space on your property for years. For this reason, the specialists at Eiklenborg Salvage Inc are pleased to offer cash for cars.

We believe in the importance of sustainable, responsible dismantling and recycling of cars. We salvage all the parts and components that we can, safely discarding the rest. We accept all and any models of cars, both foreign and domestic, in any condition.

Whether your vehicle has been in an accident or is simply broken down, we will accept your vehicle. We will also offer you the top-dollar value for your scrap car! When you are tired of looking at a junk car, give us a call, and we’ll come pick up your old vehicle in no time.

Car Recycling and Dismantling in Our Well-Equipped Scrapyard

We are pleased to accept all vehicles in all conditions, including new, old, damaged, and even crushed cars. Vehicles missing parts are welcome as well. No need to worry about getting to our scrap yard, as we will take care of all the towing and transportation as well as the associated costs.

In exchange for your scrap car, we compensate you promptly on the spot and in cash. In addition to scrap cars, we also buy small trucks and motorcycles.

We’ll then tow your vehicle swiftly, out of sight and out of mind, to our scrapyard, where we proceed with the dismantling. Enjoy the convenience of having your vehicle removed for free and be paid for your vehicle’s value!

Experienced, Dependable Scrap Car Staff

We have been serving the area for a number of years and have established a reputation for our excellent compensation rates and swift towing service. We are pleased to provide free quotes and estimates, as well as offer a courteous and friendly approach to customer service.

We also dismantle tractors and farm equipment and offer a full inventory of tractor parts.

When you are dealing with a scrap car, we are the company to call!

Have Your Scrap Car Towed Off Your Property, and Get Compensated Immediately

To get rid of your scrap car once and for all, look no further than the car recycling specialists at Eiklenborg Salvage Inc.

We will buy your car for the best possible rate, and promptly remove it from your property!

For free pricing information, contact us today at (319) 347-5510.